There are very few attorneys in the entire state of Georgia who handle student loan issues on a regular basis.  The regulations governing federal and private student loans are radically different and you should speak with an attorney who is well versed on the controlling law for both federal and private student loans.  Armor Law, LLC is the only law firm in Georgia that specializes in NON-BANKRUPTCY SOLUTIONS to student loan defaults.  It is very difficult to have student loans discharged in a bankruptcy and you should not allow yourself to be pressured into filing a bankruptcy that will only offer short term relief to your student loan defaults.


We receive many contacts from borrowers who have defaulted on their federally backed student loans.  You have rights and remedies written into federal law including rehabilitation and consolidation.  We provide consultations to borrowers to discuss their options with administrative wage garnishments, rehabilitation, consolidation, closed school discharges, borrower defense discharges, and disability discharges.



If you have been served with a lawsuit, you may want to contact us to discuss your options. The most common filer of lawsuits in Georgia on private student loans is undoubtedly the National Collegiate Student Loan Trusts. Most, if not all, NCSLT lawsuits filed in Georgia are brought by  the law firms of either Roosen, Varchetti, & Olivier or Nathan & Nathan. We have defended several hundred of these lawsuits and are very familiar with their attorneys.  Other student loan lenders who file lawsuits in Georgia include Educap, Inc., the Sallie Mae Corporation, and United Guaranty.  WE HAVE DEFENDED MORE PRIVATE LOAN LAWSUITS THAN ANY OTHER LAW FIRM IN GEORGIA.  If you have been served with one of these lawsuits, please contact us immediately.